Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Final and reflections

At the start of this class, all I really wanted to do was take my time and get better day by day. Now that im done with the final, I feel like I accomplished that goal. At midterm i was very happy with my progress and wanted to push myself further and be able to do more in less time while still learning something every day.

I do wish that near the end of the semester I was able to maintain the blog more.

Overall I am really happy with my progress and hope to continue painting after I graduate.

Thank you everyone for the encouragement. I think I learned just as much, if not more, from the classmates most of the time than I did from actually going and painting.

Bulk Update 4: Last in class painting

This was the last painting I did for this class. I missed the last actual class because I had to drive in to have my computer worked on and then the other class periods were spent touching up paintings and photographing them for the blog and the final presentation.

I like this painting. The tree next to the administration building had this weird yellow to red gradient effect and i think this painting captures that somewhat well. This was also the first time that the landscape size i had been working with became a problem. I ended up cutting off about 4 inches from the left side of this painting before getting to this point. Somewhere in the sketching point of the painting I just kinda left out that part of the panel.

Bulk Update 3: Traintracks and downtown

I have started to notice that some days I am just having a better painting day than others. These two days are a really good example of it. I really enjoy that first painting of the train tracks, however the other painting of downtown seems kinda like I just stumbled through it.

Eventually the traintracks were the subject matter for my homework assignment:

This is one of my favoite paintings from this class. It still needs some more touching up but i think with probably another hour or two it could be a really really good painting.

Bulk Update 2: Return to the farm

I dont remember why, but I ended up having to leave early when painting that second image. It was the first day on the larger canvas size which I started to like more because it would force me to try and get more done in less time. I think i was having issues with my easel and needed to go get new bolts. I took reference images for that day, however I didnt get to touching up that painting.

Bulk Update 1: The rest of marr park

I was pretty happy with how these were going, I would have liked more time to work on the first one on location. At a later point I got around to working more on that painting, I am much happier now that i have foliage at the top of the trees and it looks more finished.

Updated Image:

Monday, November 9, 2009

wow, i havent updated in a long time

I just realized its been a long time since i updated this thing. I will post one big update tomorrow. Ive been crazy busy with senior show and a project in my personal communications class that i completely forgot about this.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Same location, second try

I like this attempt more. If I could design the space a little better it would be a really strong painting.

Tomorrow I will scout the area before deciding if I want to take another try at this composition or not.

(the picture isnt all that amazing, my camera didn't want to cooperate)